I saw Jesus Christ personal testimony (Will Baker)
Will Baker's personal testimony posted onYoutube.com
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My thoughts today are that we all have problems and need God's help in many ways.  I hope that you and I will remember there is a whole world out there, and many people are facing problems we can't even imagine.
Our country's leaders keep me very busy.  I pray continually they don't mess up and ruin everything.  I pray for their salvation and our deliverance from the consequences of their errors.  I also pray they will make some good choices and accomplish some real good for the people.  Lord please help all the leaders of other countries also.
I pray now for people over the whole earth who are poor, hungry, and thirsty, in medical need, and need of shelter.  Father and Lord Jesus please help all these people.  Show us how we can help.
Father, we thank you for all of your many blessings to us.  Infuse us with revelation of You and Your living loving power and energy and wisdom.  Help each one of us to clearly know Your specific will and to accomplish it in our lives.
Praise You Father, Praise You Jesus, and Thank You for filling me and all of us with your precious Holy Spirit... Amen


March 7, 2017